How We Help

Since its launch in November 2005, we at Caritas have taken on many projects, such as:

• Mrs AR contacted us because she wanted someone to visit her and talk to her. When the weather allows, a little gardening work is on the cards.
• Mr BD wanted someone to decorate his living room. We were contacted by his social worker who explained that, although he could buy the paint and paper, he needed someone to do the actual decorating.
• Mr SG wants us to contact him with a view to some redecoration at his home.
• Mr RH wants to go on holiday. He is blind and needs someone to go with him and share his holiday. He is willing to pay for someone if they will give up their time and energy to going with him.

• Stair lifts – not fully funded by Social Services
• TENS machines if not supplied by NHS
• Pain relief artefacts (eg. PainGone pens, bracelets, etc.)
• Amplified doorbells or telephone bells
• One-off assistance with isolated major bills such as HP
• Radio, TV, VHS/DVD player
• Non-standard telephone not funded by NHS or RNIB, etc.
• Exterior security lighting
• Assistance with draught-proofing double glazing
• Household maintenance work (“odd-job man”)
• Respite breaks

Other possibilities are:

• Household chores (cleaning etc.)
• Shopping
• Window cleaning
• Gardening
• Assistance with certain essential laundry
• Long distance travel costs (eg. visits to distant hospital or visits to distant family)